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The Bellman's Secret Reviews

Cindy Roesel

Stan’s the man at the historic, stately Maycliff Inn on the picturesque coast of Maine. He’s the bellman in charge of … everything.

At two-hundred pages, it’s a quick fun read and it couldn’t be situated in a more beautiful location: on the Maine coast at Bar Harbor. I hope it gets the marketing and buzz it deserves! Readers don’t want to miss a stay at the The Maycliff.


If you read and enjoyed The Bellman, then you will definitely enjoy this sequel!

Pat Walsh

Charming, funny, captivating series

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The Bellman Reviews

March 20, 2017

Simply a fun summer escape to Maine with great twist and turns you get when you deal with the public at a hotel - of course, seen through the eyes of "The Bellman"! Because it is a lovely, small seasonal hotel, the relationships, challenges and workloads are intriguing on a personal basis with plots and sub-plots. Enjoy!

November 3, 2016

The Bellman is awesome! I would highly recommend it to anyone!
t's a great book ... and an impressive work by a first time author!


March 21, 2017

The Bellman is a well-crafted book that was a pleasure to read. Rooted in real events, this novel shares the thoughtful coming of age story of Stanley's first job as a Bellman at a reputable Inn in Maine, capturing the comedy and tragedy of his summer adventure. The author brilliantly moves you quickly through the story without sacrificing poignant details and character enrichment. I would highly recommend The Bellman! Nice read for your next book club. 

T. Bell

This fun, easy read has amazing character development. There is no plot. This is much more story in the EM Forster sense of the word. This flow gives the book its amazing pacing, but also keeps any true plot from developing. But the book is so much fun, you really don't care. 

M. Lung

A delight to read! I moved effortlessly through this book being drawn into the vivid imagery and the non-stop unfolding of events. I always had an interest in running a B&B - I think this is a clever eye-opener of what one can expect in the industry. Must read for anyone in the hotel/hospitality field. Loved Stanley, the star of the novel, and his coming of age story. Heidi Barnes zeroed in on details and big picture simultaneously. Never bored! First novel for this author and I look forward to reading more of her work.

A. Hite

Fun read about a 18 year old who takes a summer job as a Bellman in Bar Harbor after he escapes the simple life of his small home town he must determine what to do with his life. He encounters a wide variety of personalities from the guests and coworkers of this inn.

J. A. Davis

Heidi Barnes did a brilliant job capturing a young man's determination to become self-sufficient, while searching for the meaning of success in his life. It's the characters, which make this novel so captivating. Undoubtedly, this is a journey we've all been on. The Bellman is a great read. Enjoy.

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